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Migrant Cities instead of Refugee Camps

“I believe that all these proposals require a substantive and intensive debate. They all deserve the reality check in well-commissioned pilot projects. Even if one considers the founding of new cities too ambitious, at least the third approach would allow us to consolidate our values and interests much better than if we continue to rely…

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Demand for Charter Cities During Covid-19 Pandemic Grows Exponential – People Desire Semi-Autonomous Zones

“The coronavirus outbreak and economic calamity worldwide, has caused a lot of demand for defunding existing corrupt systems, seasteading concepts, and charter city ideas like Pronomos Capital. During the last month, Friedman told the media that there is ‘a lot of interest’ from people emailing him about charter cities and how to get started.” In the wake of the…

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Starting Your Own City: An Ancient, New Idea

“Strange as it may sound, there is a long history of founding new cities during periods of massive upheaval, and each time it was these very ‘frontier’ settlements that drove broader economic and social recovery after the crisis passed.” The Economic Standard‘s editor-in-chief, Erik Sass, explores the potential that this old human tradition has, and…

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Private Cities Are A Needed Experiment

“Many different alternative models could fit roughly under the “private city” definition. A foundation called Startup Societies advocates for some of them, such as special economic zones (SEZs), microstates, seasteads, and eco-villages. […] A more explicitly private version comes from Titus Gebel, who runs the website Free Private Cities.” Scott Beyer wrote about the necessary bottom-up…

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Inside the Rise of Private Cities: ‘Priority Of Management Is Profit, Not The Needs Of Citizens’

“Private cities, generally marketed as being “better, cheaper and freer than existing state models” have become the new trend in the 21st century urban development. […] Singapore, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Dubai ‘all showed that it’s possible to become a world-class city within two or three generations, sometimes even less.’.” Forbes published an original article…

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The Hottest New Thing in Seasteading Is Land

“Pronomos Capital, which Friedman incorporated in August, is supposed to bankroll the construction of experimental cities on vacant tracts of land in developing countries. Pronomos is set up like a venture fund, making investments in local organizations that do the work of securing government approvals, finding tenants, and hiring retired U.K. judges to enforce the…

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Bob Murphy Show Ep 73 – Titus Gebel Discusses His Legal Proposals for Free Private Cities

Titus Gebel joined Robert Murphy on the 73rd episode of the Bob Murphy Show to talk about Free Private Cities. Bob discusses Titus’ proposal and how it differs from other types of abstract libertarian theorizing. You can listen to the discussion through the link below:

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Time for a new Generation of Cities?

“Is it time to revive the age-old tradition of starting [cities] from scratch? That’s the compelling vision presented by Dr. Titus Gebel, founder of Free Private Cities” Is it time for a new generation of cities? The Economic Standard published an article on Titus Gebel’s latest talk in Vienna. Read more at:

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The Future of Liberalism

“In this way, the privatisation of law — for small, experimental jurisdictions like Free Private Cities — is liberalism’s last mile. Law will come to be tested within an evolutionary fitness landscape. Good law survives.” CapX published an article titled “Free Private Cities: the future of liberalism”, presenting the concept as the next step towards economical…

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Live Free at Sea

“Most cruise ships fly the flag of say, Panama or Liberia, and they’re sort of de facto self-governing. Liberia has no capacity to enforce rules on the three and a half thousand ships that fly its flag. So a captain is a de facto dictator. Why doesn’t he become a tyrant? And the answer is…

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Rules Without Rulers

Social Evolution published a video on the past, present and future of governance systems. Their view of the future is very similar to ours: “Special Zones will attract people by offering better governance. Startup Societies will provide entrepreneurial solutions, such as private cities that will be less dependent on monopoly states” You can learn more…

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Building the Cities of the Future

“With the increased adoption of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), the room for territorially limited experiments in governance is getting bigger. Around the world, almost 80 percent of all countries currently have a SEZ of some kind. Some countries even have multiple SEZs competing with one another. It’s only a matter of time before a private…

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Panarchy and Entrepreneurial Cities

“The institutions of society are constantly evolving and new institutional forms are emerging at every moment. Why should we run the risk of applying social innovations to an entire population, as is traditionally done in politics? Entrepreneurial cities and other startup zones, in turn, allow social systems to evolve “on demand,” that is, new institutional…

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What We can Learn from Liechtenstein

“We should therefore think about whether a world of a thousand Liechtensteins would not be a better world. Most decisions would be made at the local level and decentralized, serious mistakes would have limited effects, there would be numerous examples of what works and what does not. Due to the multitude of communities alone, there…

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A Rethink in Governance is Necessary

“To draw this to a close, the advantages that contractual governance could bring to existing legal systems are enormous, but the main one is the transition from a ruler-subject to a service provider-costumer relation, essentially turning governance into a market. With market competition and cooperation in place, more experimentation and adaptation will lead to a…

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ana025: Free Private Cities | Titus Gebel Interview

How will urbanism look like in a Free Private City? Will there be Push or Pull Development? What about zoning, property ownership and change management? All these topics and others were discussed at Anarchitecture Podcast #ana025, in which Titus Gebel was interviewed. You can listen to it on their page, Youtube, or any other Podcast provider:

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