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Titus Gebel

President & CEO

Titus Gebel is the inventor of the Free Private Cities concept, President of the society of the same name and CEO of TIPOLIS. He is a German entrepreneur with a PhD in international law and an extensive worldwide network. He founded amongst others Frankfurt-listed mining company Deutsche Rohstoff AG, retired as their CEO in 2014 and emigrated with his family to Monaco. With Free Private Cities, he wants to create an entirely new product in the “market of living together”. If successful, it will fast-track knowledge and progress for humanity. Titus has dedicated the rest of his life to making Free Private Cities a reality.

Many distinguished experts convinced by the idea, have offered their support and have become advisors of Free Private Cities.


Francisco Litvay

Operations Manager

Francisco Litvay is the Operations Manager at Free Private Cities and Tipolis. He is a graduated business informatics specialist. After discovering the Startup Societies movement in 2018, he became passionate about innovations in governance and started actively contributing to the field. He also authors the Governance Gauge at the Institute for Competitive Governance.

Jan Bertram

Jan Bertram

Head of Marketing

Jan Bertram is Head of Marketing at Free Private Cities and Tipolis. He studied social sciences at the University of Cologne. His passion for political theory led him to the Students for Liberty; he also worked for a member of the German Bundestag.


Oliver Porter

Sandy Springs – City Management

Oliver Porter, former Vice President of AT&T, created and implemented the public-private partnership government model for Sandy Springs, a city of 100,000 people near Atlanta, Georgia. He has served as the principal advisor for many other new cities and for cities considering the conversion to the Sandy Springs – model, both in the United States and Japan. He has authored several books on this subject. Oliver Porter will help find the right structure and the right subcontractors for operating a Free Private City.

Dr. Patrik Schumacher

London – City planning and design

Patrik Schumacher is principal of London-based Zaha Hadid Architects. He has a track record of highly esteemed and award-winning projects. He is teaching at various architectural schools in Europe and the US including Harvard University. He has been involved in several master plan projects worldwide, including Singapore One North. His contribution to the discourse of contemporary architecture includes the concept of market based urban order. He will give support for the planning and design of Free Private Cities.

Patri Friedman

San José – Governance

Patri Friedman, former Software Engineer at Google with a master’s in computer science, is an entrepreneur and political theorist for competitive governance. With financial support from Peter Thiel, the founder of Paypal, he founded The Seasteading Institute, a non-profit seeking to establish floating autonomous communities at sea. He also worked with and founded other startups, including Future Cities Development, which had the first MOU to create a free private city in 2012. Today he consults with projects and investors around the world working to develop innovation zones. He will help Free Private Cities adopt competitive governance systems.

Rahim Taghizadegan

Vienna – Education

Rahim Taghizadegan is an educational entrepreneur, visionary and one of the last Viennese polymaths. He is the director of scholarium.at in Austria, teaches at universities in Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany, is a best-selling book author and a sought-after public speaker. He will advise Free Private Cities on becoming hubs for world-leading educational innovation, choice and excellence.

Mark Frazier

Harrisonburg – Endowment Zones

Mark Frazier is chairman of the Startup Societies Foundation. He has worked in 50+ countries over the past three decades on special economic zones and market-based initiatives in projects funded by private philanthropists, the World Bank, USAID, and local and global developers. He currently specializes in land trusts and “Endowment Zones” to vest residents as beneficiaries of rising land values. He is coauthor of Founding Startup Societies (2020) on how market reforms can create assets for communities. Mark will help Free Private Cities create value for local communities.

Prof. Tom W. Bell

Orange – Special Jurisdictions

Tom W. Bell is an internationally well-known expert on Special Economic Zones and private governance. He’s authored several works, such as “Your Next Government” and has been a law professor at Chapman University, Fowler School of Law since 1998. Tom also serves as an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, is the director of the Institute for Competitive Governance and the creator of the Ulex Open Source Legal System. He will help Free Private Cities find and apply world-class law and governance standards.

Dr. Marc-Felix Otto

Zug – Energy

Marc-Felix Otto is a Partner at The Advisory House, a leading management consultancy to the European energy industry.  He manages projects with major and medium-sized European utilities. Prior to joining the company, he was employed by McKinsey for many years. His vast expertise runs from strategic and financial problem-solving along the industrial value chain to transformation and restructuring projects. He will support Free Private Cities in setting up an efficient and modern energy system.

Dr. Nobila Ouédraogo

Heidelberg – Health

Nobila Ouédraogo is an expert in public health and epidemiology: Doctoral degree in Public Health and Epidemiology from the University of Heidelberg, Field Epidemiology Training Programme (Robert Koch-Institute-Germany / European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control). He has an extensive work experience in the area of health system building, diseases control and prevention in developed as well as in developing countries through various professional activities with well distinguished health institutions in the world. Nobila Ouédraogo will give Free Private Cities advice for regulating public health in all kinds of environments.

Sonja Prstec

Zug – Startups and Technology

Sonja Prstec is a lawyer working in various innovative projects with disruptive ideas. She is trying to bridge existing legal frameworks with new emerging technologies and ideas, what she calls “overcoming the legal jetlag”. For the last three years she has been working with Swiss start-ups’ regulatory challenges and legal aspects of Blockchain technology and Blockchain property assets. A strong supporter of Free Private Cities as an alternative governance model, she will use her expertise to deal with regulatory challenges involving cutting-edge technologies.

Martin Durchschlag

Basel – Site Development

Martin Durchschlag has broad experience in real estate and site development in the context of growing communities and new cities. Initially trained as an industrial engineer at the Vienna University of Technology he played a key role as CFO in shaping HIAG’s transformation from a timber industry group to a high-profile real estate company. In the role of CEO, he led the way to the IPO in 2014 and developed the company into the largest re-development portfolio in Switzerland by 2019. He is convinced that proactive curation of uses as well as flexibility and adaptability in the design can unleash significant growth potential. He will help develop the locations hosting Free Private Cities.

Dr. Michael J. Ulmer

Frankfurt – Business Law

Michael J. Ulmer is an internationally renowned lawyer. He holds a PhD in law and is a senior partner at Cleary Gottlieb. Michael is an expert in business law, who has worked with a broad range of industries and clients, including international financial and strategic investors. This included the new city project of Masdar in the UAE. His practice focuses on domestic and international private and public M&A transactions, joint ventures, general corporate advice, and private equity transactions. He will support Free Private Cities in becoming international business centers by giving top-notch legal expertise and helping secure international best practices.

Aaron Koenig

Cancún – Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Aaron Koenig is an entrepreneur, consultant, writer and film producer, specialized in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.  He has also been a speaker and panelist at numerous conferences and authored several books on the subject. Aaron Koenig will work on strategies to implement cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies into Free Private Cities.

Penda Cissé

Monaco – Entrepreneurship

Penda Cissé has operated businesses in Germany, Senegal and Monaco. She has given advice to many young people who wanted to become entrepreneurs, both in developed and developing countries. Penda knows about the necessary framework to let entrepreneurs flourish and will advise Free Private Cities on creating an entrepreneur-friendly environment.

Dr. Martin Böltau

Rottweil – Science

Martin Böltau holds a doctorate degree in physics. He spent 20 years evaluating new technologies for both private and government authorities. He is also an expert in testing the scientific basis of new processes and theories. Martin will support Free Private Cities in finding new applicable technologies and testing the scientific credibility of proposed regulation.

Dr. Robert Biedermann

Munich – Building and Zoning Law

Robert Biedermann is an eminent expert in building law, specialized in dealing with all kinds of zoning and building law cases. He’s also co-author of a standard work on those subjects. Robert Biedermann will support Free Private Cities in setting up a reasonable but lean building and zoning regulation.


You can find our current ambassadors by clicking on the markers at the map or by looking at the list below.

Ambassadors List

Name Location Email
Aaron Koenig
Cancún, Mexico [email protected]
Alexander R. Duerr
Heidelberg, Germany [email protected]
Alexander Kreindler
New York, United States [email protected]
Alexander Voss Chicago, United States [email protected]
Bruno Carlos Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [email protected]
Carlos Pérez Jiménez
Mexico City, Mexico [email protected]
Dr. Christian Hoffmann
Geneva, Switzerland [email protected]
Christoph Heuermann
Panama City, Panama [email protected]
Daniel Model Triesen, Liechtenstein [email protected]
Dirk Wagner
Mykolaiv, Ukraine [email protected]
Ekhard Seeßelberg
Berlin, Germany [email protected]
Francisco Litvay
Linz, Austria [email protected]
Frank Karsten
Amsterdam, Netherlands [email protected]
Hartmut Sieper Phoenix, Mauritius [email protected]
Dr. Karl Eckstein
Moscow, Russia [email protected]
Kurt Hanson Tokyo, Japan [email protected]
Maciek Ziolkowski
Warsaw, Poland [email protected]
Marc-Felix Otto
Zug, Switzerland [email protected]
Marco Wutzer
Medellín, Colombia [email protected]
Mark Edge
Keene, United States [email protected]
Marthinus Grobler
Cape Town, South Africa [email protected]
Martin Klapper
Brisbane, Australia [email protected]
Michael Strong Austin, United States [email protected]
Ofer Rotem
Tel-Aviv, Israel [email protected]
Olivier Roland
Dubai, UAE [email protected]
Pedro Dias
Lagarto, Brazil [email protected]
Rahim Taghizadegan
Vienna, Austria [email protected]
Raphaël Lima
Curitiba, Brazil [email protected]
Richard Banks Memmingen, Germany [email protected]
Rodrigo Quercia São Paulo, Brazil [email protected]
Sebastian Chalupa Toronto, Canada [email protected]
Sebastian Grell London, United Kingdom [email protected]

We are looking for at least one ambassador in each country to join our team who will propagate the idea and ideally also have contacts in politics. This person would also be the local contact person for interested parties. If you would like to become an ambassador, please check whether you meet the requirements and contact us.


Interested candidates must support the principles underlying the foundation of private cities, of self-determination and competitive governance.


Interested candidates must be knowledgeable of the book content. Being versed in the literature of Special Economic Zones and self-governance concepts is a plus.


Interested candidates must have the ability to answer the usual questions (FAQs). Experience with public speaking is a plus.


Interested candidates should be multipliers with a strong network of investors, experts, politicians, and entrepreneurs.


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