Rahim Taghizadegan


Rahim Taghizadegan is the last Austrian economist of the Austrian School in the direct tradition and has been teaching at universities in Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Germany.

As one of the last Viennese polymaths, he is also a physicist (specialization in nuclear physics and complex systems), philosopher, investor and entrepreneur.

He has written more than a dozen books, some of them best-sellers, and is the founder of the private university scholarium in Vienna, where the Austrian School is kept alive in its original interdisciplinary form of the Hayek- and Mises-Circles.

Rahim Taghizadegan was one of the first academic economists to understand and analyze the monetary nature of Bitcoin. He is originally from Iran, but has grown up in Austria and studied in Switzerland and the US.

Titus Gebel

Advisory Board Member

Titus Gebel is the inventor of the Free Private Cities concept, Director at the Free Private Cities Foundation and CEO of TIPOLIS.

He is a German entrepreneur with a PhD in international law and an extensive worldwide network. He founded amongst others Frankfurt-listed mining company Deutsche Rohstoff AG, retired as their CEO in 2014 and emigrated with his family to Monaco.

With Free Private Cities, he wants to create an entirely new product in the “market of living together”. If successful, it will fast-track knowledge and progress for humanity.

Titus has dedicated the rest of his life to making Free Private Cities a reality.

Marc-Felix Otto

Advisory Board Member

Marc-Felix Otto is a member of the Advisory Board for the Free Private Cities Foundation, having supported the idea of contract-based government for over 20 years and authored scientific articles on the topic of coercion together with Rahim.

He is a Partner at The Advisory House, a leading management consultancy to the energy industry in S/A/G.

Marc holds a PhD in Physics and lives with his wife and two sons in Switzerland.

Tudor Iliescu

Managing Director

Tudor Iliescu is a tech entrepreneur who built and grew dozens of mobility and social apps, enabling more individual liberty.

He has been advocating for sustainable development and smart city solutions for 15 years. After witnessing many sound initiatives fail, Tudor realised incentives matter more than intentions.

Having lived on several continents, he sees a great need for competitive governance and alternative development models.

Tudor believes Free Cities and Bitcoin will shape the 21st century.

Peter Young

Digital Content Lead

Peter leads on content creation for Free Private Cities’ digital platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Before joining the Free Private Cities Foundation, Peter spent most of his career based in Beijing supporting trade links between the UK and China, with a focus on companies that provide smart city technology.

Peter is interested in the Austrian School of Economics and Bitcoin, and tweets on these topics from his Twitter account @petermiyoung.

Marcelo Soruco

Executive Assistant

Marcelo is pursuing a Bachelors in Law and is currently a state coordinator for Students for Liberty Brazil.

Since 2020, he has been an Executive Assistant at Free Private Cities.

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Ambassadors List

Name Location Email
Aaron Koenig Cancún, Mexico [email protected]
Alexander R. Duerr Heidelberg, Germany [email protected]
Alexander Kreindler New York, United States [email protected]
Alexander Voss Chicago, United States [email protected]
Benno Büeler Windhoek, Namibia [email protected]
Bruno Carlos Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [email protected]
Camilo de León Buenos Aires, Argentina [email protected]
Carlo Besenius Luxembourg, Luxembourg [email protected]
Carlos Pérez Jiménez Mexico City, Mexico [email protected]
Dr. Christian Hoffmann Geneva, Switzerland [email protected]
Christoph Heuermann Panama City, Panama [email protected]
Daniel Model Triesen, Liechtenstein [email protected]
Dirk Wagner Mykolaiv, Ukraine [email protected]
Ekhard Seeßelberg Berlin, Germany [email protected]
Francisco Litvay Linz, Austria [email protected]
Frank Karsten Amsterdam, Netherlands [email protected]
Frederik Roeder Talinn, Estonia [email protected]
Hartmut Sieper Phoenix, Mauritius [email protected]
Jan-Olav Spiekermann Denmark
Joe Quirk Panama City, Panama
Joyce Brand San Pedro Sula, Honduras [email protected]
Dr. Karl Eckstein Moscow, Russia [email protected]
Kurt Hanson Tokyo, Japan [email protected]
Maciek Ziolkowski Warsaw, Poland [email protected]
Marco Wutzer Medellín, Colombia [email protected]
Marthinus Grobler Cape Town, South Africa [email protected]
Martin Durchschlag Basel, Switzerland
Martin Klapper Brisbane, Australia [email protected]
Matthias Gertz Döbeln, Germany
Michael J. Ulmer Frankfurt, Germany
Michael Strong Austin, United States [email protected]
Moritz Wietersheim Salzburg, Austria [email protected]
Nobila Ouédraogo Heidelberg, Germany
Ofer Rotem Tel-Aviv, Israel [email protected]
Olivier Roland Dubai, UAE [email protected]
Patrik Schumacher London, UK
Pedro Dias Lagarto, Brazil [email protected]
Raphaël Lima Curitiba, Brazil [email protected]
Richard Banks Memmingen, Germany [email protected]
Rodrigo Quercia São Paulo, Brazil [email protected]
Scott Forte Portsmouth, USA [email protected]
Sebastian Chalupa Toronto, Canada [email protected]
Sebastian Grell Hamburg, Germany [email protected]
Sonja Prstec Zug, Switzerland [email protected]

We are looking for at least one ambassador in each country to join our team who will propagate the idea and ideally also have contacts in politics. This person would also be the local contact person for interested parties. If you would like to become an ambassador, please check whether you meet the requirements and contact us.


Interested candidates must support the principles underlying the foundation of private cities, of self-determination and competitive governance.


Interested candidates must be knowledgeable of the book content. Being versed in the literature of Special Economic Zones and self-governance concepts is a plus.


Interested candidates must have the ability to answer the usual questions (FAQs). Experience with public speaking is a plus.


Interested candidates should be multipliers with a strong network of investors, experts, politicians, and entrepreneurs.


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