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Can Free Private Cities help Solve the Refugee Crisis?

“Guaranteed security, commitment to law and contracts, personal and economic freedoms, and refusing to accept political or religious conflict are all indications that such communities will grow and thrive. They can offer many people a real perspective that they otherwise would not have simply because they were born in the wrong place.” FEE recently published an…

A Rethink in Governance is Necessary

“To draw this to a close, the advantages that contractual governance could bring to existing legal systems are enormous, but the main one is the transition from a ruler-subject to a service provider-costumer relation, essentially turning governance into a market. With market competition and cooperation in place, more experimentation and adaptation will lead to a…

ana025: Free Private Cities | Titus Gebel Interview

How will urbanism look like in a Free Private City? Will there be Push or Pull Development? What about zoning, property ownership and change management? All these topics and others were discussed at Anarchitecture Podcast #ana025, in which Titus Gebel was interviewed. You can listen to it on their page, Youtube, or any other Podcast provider: